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ESC. France

Title: ESC in Reims about youth activities and support of cultural network

Description of the Project: As part of a collective hosting, the volunteer will take part of the activities of a youth organisation in Reims: communication, social media and citizenship

The volunteer will take part of a collective hosting of three volunteers.
Each volunteer will work in a different organization in cities near Reims.
The hosting organization of the volunteer and his/her coordinating organization will be the FRMJC CA.
All the volunteers will share an apartment in Reims and work on a common project 1 days per week.
The missions of the volunteer will be divided in 2 parts:
1. Animation of a blog and a Facebook about the volunteering project of the FRMJC
Making animations (tools or games) about European Union, European solidarity corps or his/her countries
Contribute to activities about “no hate”, fighting against discriminations
2. Contribute to the cultural mission of the FRMJC by doing communication about our action plant about poplar education and culture in Champagne Ardennes:
Creation of tools for communication (blog, YouTube, Facebook or graphisms)
Providing help in the organization of events about mobility (contribution in a project of mobility of professionals and citizens in Spain and/or in Deutchland).

Partner Sought: They are looking for 1 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Deadline: 27/07/2019

Contact: Deschenes Emilie

E-mail: e.deschenes@frmjc-ca.fr

Phone: +33659532188

Publicado por europa en julio 1, 2019