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Title: “UNITY in culture diversity”

Description of the Project:

The MJC in Vire Normandie is an association created in 1965 which organizes socio-cultural, socioeducational and sport activities for children, youngsters and adults.

It manages a nautical center at the lake “La Dathée” and others leisure centers for people from 3 to 18 years old. The aim of the activities is to promote popular education values.

The association is in partnership with Erasmus + since 2000: it has welcomed 25 volunteers and it has taken part in a lot of youth exchanges in different countries (Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, etc.).


They are looking for a volunteer for their project “UNITY in culture diversity”. It will last a total of 53 weeks from 01/02/2020 to 31/01/2021.


Project Description:


 Support in leisure centers – preparation and organization of the activities for children;

 Assistance in preparing the association’s events (dance, games, youth development, etc.);

 Organization of language workshops, expositions, meetings and games about volunteers’


 Creation of activities corresponding with volunteers’ interests (sport, music, photography,

languages, multimedia, literature, theatre, journalism, etc.);

 Animation of informal activities in cooperation with the local institutions, like CREAN Europe


 Animation of European Club in schools;

 Development of projects to connect young people from Vire with young people from twinned cities and/or other European cities;

 To invest migrant or refugee families in cultural projects that promote their know-how.


The volunteers will live together in a flat, based in Vire-Normandie, which is situated close to the organization. Every volunteer has one bathroom and there is one common kitchen. It is a T4 apartment (three bedrooms, with a living room, an equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet), in a residence located in the heart of the city.

Volunteers will also have a specific card for cheaper travels provided by the association (there is a direct train to Paris or Granville and a bus to Caen).

Volunteers will get money for food and some pocket money.


All volunteers can improve their specific competences by working with young people.

They may develop personal projects such as exchanges, events, seminaries,

workshops, etc. with the organization’s support.

Thanks to this experience, volunteers can develop their personal potential by turning ideas into action. They could experiment with different methods of informal education and to cooperate with local communities.


Partner Sought:

Volunteers should be motivated to work with children and youngsters in the context of a non- formal education, as well as they should be creative and open-minded people with artistic and cultural competences.

Furthermore, volunteers should be interested in animating people to include them in public and social life. He or she should be able to work in a team, be flexible and independent.


Deadline: 31/01/2020



+33 0231663510


Publicado por europa en enero 20, 2020