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ESC. Italy


Description of the Project: The goal of the project is to improve the accessibility to local services for young people, refugees and asylum seekers, promote their participation in the community and facilitate their ability to reach personal and collective self-fulfilment in an autonomous and civically responsible manner. The aims of the volunteering project are: - introducing young people into the world of associations and non-profit, bringing them closer to the themes of social planning, volunteer work, democracy and interculturalism through the activities developed by the association, - providing expertise in these areas that can be useful for their future life and profession. The main activities concern planning and realization of: - workshops for refugees and host communty, - cultural, musical, informative events, - meetings with young people to promote active citizenship, solidarity, awareness and self-fulfillment. The volunteer will work 30/35 hours per week distributed in 5 days.

All essential costs related to the project are covered. The volunteer will be provided with a food allowance, accommodation, monthly pocket money, insurance, a bicycle and a local transport pass. The volunteer will live in an apartment shared with another volunteer. The apartment is located in a student residence near the city center and IT will be fully furnished and equipped with standard equipment and necessities.

Partner Sought: They are looking for volunteers from Estonia or Romania with motivation and interest in the fields of youth policies, social and intercultural inclusion, social and cultural planning; - experience or motivation in the field of art / creative / video-making (photography, video, music); - tendency to collaboration and teamwork - receptivity to changes and to confrontation with various social and cultural contexts; - proactivity, creativity and desire to test themselves in new activities - sensitivity to the themes of solidarity and social inclusion - motivation to learn the Italian language

Deadline: 15/09/2019

Contact: www.arcimantova.com -  +3903761850683

Publicado por europa en mayo 24, 2019