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ESC. Poland

Title: ESC project INTERgeneration in Krakow, PL for EU citizens

Description of the Project:

The project will take place in Poland in February 2020. The volunteers will service at the Secondary School Complex in Giebułtów for 5-months.

The main task of the volunteer will be the support of students and teachers in various activities. The volunteer will be actively involved in daily school life, while promoting European citizenship, tolerance and positive attitude towards new cultures, languages and the idea of voluntary work. The activities and the schedule are flexible and will be adapted to one’s interests.

Volunteers will be involved in organization of special events in the school and outside (f.e. for local society, children from kindergarten or primary school etc.). The project will also include integenerational activities with Seniors involving all partners to be active in building bridges between generations.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in rented flat (usually double rooms) with access to kitchen and bathroom. Flats are furnished and equipped with pillows, duvet covers, pillow cases and washing machine.

Food: Volunteers will get money for food every month from coordinating institution (together with pocket money it's 800 PLN).

Travel budget: for a round trip for one volunteer depends on the distance “in straight line” according to distance calculator: between 500 -1999 KM: it is 275 EUR, between 2000-2999 KM: 360 EUR.

Volunteers will take part in training cirlce organized by polish National Agency: on-arrival training and mid-term. Hosting organization will organize short introduction to the daily duties. Coordinating organization will provide trainings on formal aspects of the project, about setting goals and developing soft skills and competences, about Youthpass as well as additional trainings needed for the experience being fulfilling.

Partner Sought:

They are searching for 2 Volunteers from France and Spain

Experience in work with youth will be an additional asset, however it is not compulsory. Good communicational skills are also an additional asset because the project is based on communication with other people. All creative skills - artistic or motor skills – can enrich the project. The same relates to computer skills. Volunteers should be open-minded and creative.

Deadline: 14/02/2020


Internationaler Bund Polska

Wrocławska 37a/320, 30-011, Kraków, Poland



Publicado por europa en enero 14, 2020