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Title: You Care - You Share 2.0

Description of the Project:

The project's idea is to engage European youth into developing a charity campaign in Sumy (Ukraine). The main product of the project "YOU CARE - YOU SHARE 2.0" is to organize the set of charity events in RandomActsof Kidness period for the youngsters in the orphanages, specialized schools as well as for adults in the elderly house together with the local volunteers and the school Euroclubs members. During the project the volunteers will learn how to organize and manage charity initiatives, promote their campaign among the local community using various means and methods, learn from their peers and also from the local volunteers, meet new culture and get to know the basics of the language, develop and grow as a personality with the sense of initiatives and compassion.

Volunteers will live in a shared apartment which contains all necessary things for a living: a washing machine, a fridge, bed linen, kitchen utilities and kitchenware available for cooking, Wi-Fi router or in a Students' campus with the shares rooms and common kitchen. Volunteers will get the pocket money - 3 euro per day, money for food - 100 euro per month and local transport - 10 euro per month. The volunteer's allowance is given in the 1st week of each month in Ukrainian currency. There will be the instruction letter with the transfer information to the place of the venue.

Volunteers will get the project-related training sessions (leadership, volunteering, conflict-management, project management, etc.) conducted by the Receiving organization's trainers.

Partner Sought: They are looking for volunteers from Italy, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria or Ukraine.

Young people who: - are 18-30 years old; - are enthusiastic and energetic; - are eager to learn, enjoy working with youth and full of creative ideas; - have strong organizational skills are considered very useful as the ability to communicate in English. - are comfortable living on their own; - are able to adapt to new situations; - have good problem-solving skills; - willing to work and live in the mixed groups of volunteers from different nationalities. - singing, dancing, playing musical instruments skills are welcomed but optional.

Deadline: 04/01/2020

Contact: +351964724671


Publicado por europa en diciembre 9, 2019