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ESC. Italy

Title: International-Us

Description of the Project:

The main aim of this project is creating in Faenza a rich intercultural environment, where
differences become a value instead of an obstacle and different people can be united by common values of tolerance and peace.

This project will help the volunteers and target groups (Youngsters in Faenza, Youth
workers, Asylum seekers) to improve their personal development and involvement in society, in particular:
a) Languages, improved knowledge of English, Italian and a bit of Greek and Estonian.
b) Awareness of other cultures (European and non European as asylum seekers countries as Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Afghanistan etc), especially through the workshops of Teatro due Mondi, and the European values (especially the respect of human rights).
c) Building an international network of contacts (in Italy, Greece, Estonia but also the countries of the other volunteers hosted in Faenza and other towns nearby) in order to widen the comfort zone of the volunteers and youngsters and make it easier for them to travel and live or work in other countries.
d) Increased creativity skills (if not artistic, problem solving skills, thinking out of the box) and habit to intercultural dialogue and critical thinking.
e) Sense of initiative and empowerment will be developed by implementing volunteers’ own project and activities according to their interests.
f) Media literacy, managing a blog on wordpress and social media pages, pc literacy courses for
asylum seekers.
g) Acquisition of transversal skills (workshop preparation and management, blogging, facilitating etc.) which will enhance employability and active participation in society after the project ends.
h) Motivation in taking part (and organizing) Erasmus+ and international projects and increases
knowledge about free Erasmus+ possibilities for youngsters.

Partner Sought: They are looking for a sending partner for 12 months ESC volunteering project in Faenza (Italy) from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania.

To apply, please fill this form: https://forms.gle/WqSEAV7ohSJTRYME8

Deadline: 11/11/2019

Contact: Elisa Emiliani

E-mail: info@associazionesemifaenza.com

Phone: +39 3898443025

Publicado por europa en noviembre 5, 2019