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Eureka Eurostars. Germany

Description of the project: The team of a professor of a German Technical University of Applied Sciences and an Estonian university want to develop a reusable laundry detergent. The detergent bases on an enzyme bound on particles with magnetic core. To set up a consortium and project for the EUREKA Eurostars funding scheme, they are looking for SMEs and research organisations with expertise in detergent R&D and production as well as solid liquid separation based on a research cooperation agreement.

Partner sought: They are looking for SMEs, large industry companies and research institutes in different areas:

1. Companies (preferably SMEs) and research institutions with experience in detergent production. Primary target is to develop functional parts of the detergent (such as tensides, water softener, washing alkali, dirt carrier or antifoaming agents in a way) which can be bound on carrier particles.

2. Companies (preferably SMEs) and research institutions with experience in production and functionalization of carrier particles to develop and adapt those for the specific process.

Deadline: 01/01/2021


GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en noviembre 4, 2020