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Eureka. South Korea

Title: A Korean company/consortium is looking for a European company/consortium for R&D programs to develop smart fire detection platforms for the bilateral R&D programs with the Korean government.

Description of the project: The Korean company/consortium built around an R&D performing organization has been set up and is looking for a company/consortium in Eureka Clusters. Together, the consortium would like to apply for Korean government's bilateral R&D programs with the governments of Spain, Czech Republic and France in latter half of 2018. Innovative platforms and algorithms will be evaluated for early fire alert and extinguishing. Open architecture sensor platform will be used to detect the source of fire.

Partner sought: 

1. Company who is eligible and can prepare equally to submit proposal for 2018 Korea-EU bilateral R&D programs as preference.

2. Company could form a consortium in a country of Eureka Clusters, if both parties, Korea and the decided company, agree to prepare multi-lateral Korea-EU program like Eurostars2.

3. Company who can develop market, supply products and provide services by competitional ways as well as in local, European and global market.

4. Company who can drive certification and type approval for the new product.

5. Company who can define specifications for target markets.

Deadline: 20/08/2018


GAIN – Galactea Plus







Publicado por europa en mayo 23, 2018