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Eureka. Spain

Eureka. Spain

Title: EUREKA – SMART: Formulator or/and producer of plastic resins and thermoplastics for additive manufacturing (AM) is required.

Description of the project: A Spanish research center searches SMEs to participate in a EUREKA-SMART project aimed to develop highly conductive resins and materials to be processed by specific 3D printing technologies for industrial applications. Two SMEs are sought to be in charge of the modification and/or scaling up of processes, one for photo-curable resins and another one for conductive plastic. It is needed that they have checked with their National Contact Point the availability of funds to participate.

Partner sought

- Type of partner sought: SMEs that fulfill SMART-Eureka requirements. Non-Spanish, non-Turkish.

- Specific area of activity of the partner:

  • Formulator of new photo-curable resins.
  • Formulator of thermoplastics for 3D filaments
  • Formulator of SLS materials
  • Scale of SLS materials, photo-curable resins and/or FFF filaments.

- Task to be performed: Set the specifications within its scope of knowledge and re-formulate/ scale up the conductive material.

Deadline: 04/06/2018


GAIN – Galactea Plus







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