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Eureka. Turkey

Project Title: Smart Travel Digital Ecosystem

Description of the project: smarTravel is a digital ecosystem in the concept of smart cities. Artificial intelligence, continuous information extraction, behavioral categorization, new travel trends, seasonal choices, weather-sensitive choices, travel optimization are the main elements under this project idea. smarTravel aims to assist and guide users’ journeys from beginning to end in respect of transportation, accommodation, and activity services.

Partner sought: Partner search for a proposal under CELTIC-NEXT. Partners: 

  • They should either have tourism data of their own for more than 5 years.
  • Or have been working on latest technologies of AI, NLP, Blockchain, Data mining, data analytic, deep learning.
  • Smart cities, smart travel
  • IOT integration and processing

Deadline: 21/12/2020

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Cenk Yusuf Ustabaş
R&D Process Leader
Teléfono: +905353555250
Email: cenk.ustabas@gmail.com


Publicado por europa en diciembre 15, 2020