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Eureka. Austria

Title: (Eureka) An Austrian startup seeks a R&D Partner for the development of an AI based recommender system for a worldwide A to B business travel planner

Description of the Project: An Austrian start-up has developed a new travel planning tool focusing on business trips. The travelers enter event details and office/home address and receive customizable route suggestions including all modes of transport and accommodation suggestions in the vicinity of the event. The company is looking for a research partner to develop an AI based recommender system, to improve the individual trip quality within a Eureka research project.

Partner Sought: The sought research partner can be an SME, research institute and/or university with strong knowledge in data science along with artificial intelligence. Ideally the partner has already gained experience in the travel industry.

Deadline: 15/06/2019

Contact: GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en junio 5, 2019