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Europe for Citizens. Italy.

Title: “Focus Europe”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Focus Europe is an Italian no profit association of local authorities with about 120 Associated Munciipalities. Currently is engaged in different European projects ( Europe For Citizens, LIFE+,ENPI, NSA/LA in development, IPA Adriatico).

FocusEuropewas set up in 2006 with the aim of promoting local development by helping local governments to access and use resources made available by the European Union.


We are developing a project in the framework of theEuropefor Citizens project – measure 2.2. Network of Towns.

The project will revolve around the role of the Local Authorities facing the European migrant crisis, and the necessity do develop a mechanism of European solidarity, through the promotion of the volunteering and the involvement of the European Solidarity Corps.

Please, express your interest only if touched by these concerns, and if you have developed experience in these fields.



Focus Europe


Publicado por europa en febrero 22, 2017