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Europe for Citizens. Italy.

Title: “Making Europe Better”


Description of the project/Partner sought:

Europeis experiencing one of the most significant influxes of migrants and refugees in its history. This issue together with the economic and financial downturn generates a wave of euro scepticism and the rise of populist and xenophobic movements. European Municipalities are the most directly affected by the major inflows of immigrants. In this context it is crucial to ensure that the needs of different groups – with respect to both immigrants and member of the local communities – are taken into account in order to avoid a strong impact on the local economic and social system.

This project intend, according to the priorities of theEuropefor citizens programme 2017, to develop a network in order to:

  • Analyse the role of the Municipalities in the context of the immigration crisis;
  • Promote the development of a local mechanism of solidarity;
  • Promote active citizenship through the Volunteering and the promotion of European Solidarity Corps;
  • Combating Euro-scepticism;
  • Combatting stigmatisation of immigrant and foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding on the basis of the EU values and principles;

During the project implementation will be organized a series of the activities:

  • Public conferences;
  • Round tables;
  • Workshops;

In the project will be actively involved different target groups, and especially young people through the European Solidarity Corps.

In case of project approval, there will be not cost for the partner. The only request is the active participation to the events, and the expenses of participation of different events (transport, accommodation) will be reimbursed.

The project will foreseen the organization of 5 different events, across the European Union.




Publicado por europa en marzo 1, 2017