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Europe for Citizens. Measurement Networks of Cities. Italy.

Europe for Citizens. Measurement Networks of Cities. Italy. 

Title: “Research Institute zooprophylactic of Sicily”

Description of the project: Overall objective: Involve citizens in the debate on food security

Specific objective: Provide adequate information and the importance of European food safety policy by raising public awareness and young people on the importance of transparency about the origin and content of food, and their proper use.

Activities: 4 International events to be attended by international delegates from the partner organizations. Each event will have a specific topic of discussion related to the topic of Food Security:

1 - International cooperation in the field of food security: food counter crime, strengthen food security

2 - Nutrition education to conscious and sustainable consumption: the right to food, food sovereignty and security

3 - An integrated system: agriculture - food - environment

4 - Food Security and European legislation: What can the local governments?

Inside of the meetings could be specific conference such as: meetings with young people in schools, meetings with local producers, establishment of a quality identification mark. It’s also possible to create information material in order to reach a wider audience, through the creation of publications, website, social networks, newsletters, DVDs.

Duration of each event: 3 days (including day of arrival and departure of international delegates)

Place of events: (to be identified)

Countries involved: At least 9/10 countries including Italy, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Slovenia, Portugal.


- 100,000 to 120,000 Euro // Contribution of the European Commission fixed at 100% - No co-financing is required from either the leader or by the partners.

Financial assistance will take place in two installments: 50% before the project and 50% at the end and the balance of the activities.

Partner sought: 15 public bodies, local authorities, non-profit organizations, including civil society organizations, educational, cultural or research institutions.

Deadline: 01/03/2016





 +39 333 46 12 393 


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