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European Voluntary Service. Iceland.


Title of the project: "Life at the hostels"

Description of the project: 

'Life at the hostels' project aims at spreading eco-conscious behavior through photos, videos and testimonies from travelers

The main objective of the project is to offer visual information-promotion of applied sustainability at the HI Iceland hostels and to promote the role of hostelling and youth in sustainable tourism and their contribution to the global movement towards sustainable development.

Life at the hostels project enables one motivated and enthusiastic volunteer to grow personally and professionally and build strong practical experience in the photo/video field by:

- recording interviews with the travelers - guests staying at the hostels, collecting testimonies about their view on the icelandic nature and sustainability practices noticed at the HI Iceland hostels
- taking photos 
- shooting videos with the daily -regular quality and sustainability practices of the icelandic hostels
- recording and promoting concerts, workshops
- feeding the social/media with images and posts from the events
- capturing the sustainable/social/fun vibe at the hostels
- presenting the hostels as a social place to meet travelers and share life experiences
-attending and organizing events at the Reykjavik Hostels, promote local culture and music (organize concerts, workshops, panel discussions etc.)

HI-Iceland will provide the volunteer with technical equipment to record/take photos and an adviser on how to use the equipment accordingly, although the volunteer can use his own equipment if he/she would like to.

The project requires previous basic background in the field and together with the project's activities, the volunteer will develop solid practical experience that can help him/her in his/her professional carrier further.

The volunteer will be living mainly in Reykjavík, although he/she will spend app. 2-3 months, divided in several trips, staying between 2-4 days at some of the other franchised hostels around the country (between 20-30)

More information: https://www.salto-youth.net/downloads/otlas_download-file-3559/Life%20at%20the%20hostels%20InfoPack%202015-2016.pdf

Partner sought: 1 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Deadline: 22/04/2016


Emilia Prodea

E-mail: evs@hostel.is

Phone: +354 5756703


Publicado por europa en diciembre 15, 2015