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Eurostars. France.

Title:  H2020 - Eurostars: Request for a medical device company specialized in biological glue for an Apex closing system for this innovative medical device in mini-invasive cardiac surgery (direct annuloplasty, mitral repair)

Description of the project:

The Coordinator is a French SME launching a Eurostars project to achieve the pre-clinical validation of a new device in mini-invasive cardiac surgery for the repair of the mitral valve by direct annuloplasty and transapical approach (apex of the heart).

The coordinator has developed the mini-invasive device and is looking for a collaboration with an industrial company or a research institution to work on the adaptation of the delivery system for this innovative medical device.

Partner Sought:

The industrial partner should show a seasoned expertise in catheterization and instrumentation systems for mini-invasive surgery

The partner should be both a development and commercial company, specialist of catherization and/or pluging system (Class III medical device).

The partner should be an SME based in a Eurostars country (not in France)




GAIN – Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en junio 20, 2018