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Eurostars. Romania

Title: Research and development of a modern viticulture management platform

Description of the Project:

The Romanian company, a R&D performing SME, is looking for partners for a research and development project. The proposed project is to develop a telemetry and telemonitoring modern viticulture management platform for monitoring vineyards and the productive cycle of high-quality wine in cellars.

This project lies on deployment of a sensor networks (SN)-based system for monitoring the productive cycle of high-quality wine in a winery. Besides providing the means for monitoring of the cultivated area, the project is aimed to support the producer in ensuring the overall quality of their production, in terms of accurate planning of interventions in the field and preservation of the stored product. SN are employed as the sensing infrastructure of a distributed system for the control of a productive chain.

Partner Sought:

The partner should be from any Eureka eligible country with experience in wine process production.

Deadline: 31/01/2019


GAIN - Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en diciembre 18, 2018