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Eurostars. Switzerland

Eurostars. Switzerland.

Project Name: Eurostars: Eurostars: SME coordinator with expertise in medical/rehabilitation/entertainment devices development sought

Project description: The aim of the EUROSTARS proposal is to develop devices and applications to assess, monitor and promote the motoric and cognitive abilities in children and youth. Particular attention is on children with neuro developmental disorders. The Swiss university is seeking an R&D performing SME project coordinator already involved in the EU rehabilitation, medical or entertainment devices market, interested in opening new applications to promote youth healthy development for a research cooperation.

Partner sought: The specific area of activity of the partner:

The university is looking for partners active in the rehabilitation and entertainment market, or in medical devices area. To create an eligible consortium the partner should be an R&D-performing SME according to Eurostars guidelines (https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/content/what-eurostars-definition-rd-performing-sme).

The tasks to be performed by the partners sought are mainly on the development of a solid business model with attention to the requirements for certification and commercialisation needs.

Deadline: 30/07/2018


GAIN – Galactea Plus


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