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Eurostars2. South Korea.

Title: A Korean company is looking for an R&D partner to develop thermal imaging sensor for mobile devices employing micro thermopile technology

Project description: A Korean MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) sensor company with its own MEMS fab developed a high sensitivity micro-thermopile that detects medium / far infrared ray between 2.5um~25um. The company is expanding its competitive micro-thermopile technology to develop low-cost 4,800-channel far infrared thermal imaging sensors for mobile phones and is looking for a joint development partner in Europe with low-noise analog technology. It is aiming to apply for the Eurostars 2 in September 2018.

Partner sought: - company specialized in  Electronics / ICT/ IC (integrated circuit) semiconductor design company




GAIN – Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en julio 2, 2018