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EVS. Italy.

Title: “Learning by Teaching”

Description of the project:

PiGreco - Centro di Apprendimento Mediato is  looking for an accredited sending from a non EU country. It is 1 year individual volunteering EVS project in Italy.

the objectives of the project are:
- to increase awareness of the learning process;
- to understand techniques and good practices of teaching and being able to reproduce and share them;
- to provide the volunteers with the necessary means to use, share and discuss teaching methods and creative solutions;
- to boost the self-empowerment, self-confidence, self-esteem and personal development of the volunteers by welcoming them in a creative and open-minded environment where their opinions and ideas will be discussed and implemented;
- to improve the sense of initiative;

Partner sought:

 from Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

Deadline: 22/12/2017


Erkan Ozturk

E-mail: erkn_ozturk@hotmail.com

Phone: +90 541 245 43 49





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