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EVS. Spain.

EVS. Spain. 

Project description:

2 EVS vacancy in Burgos (Spain) for 12 months in the Youth Department of the City Hall of Burgos. EVS will start around the 01.08.2015 and it will end around 01.08.2016

Volunteer sought: A volunteer for audiovisual production (audiovisual knowledge, treatment and management of photography and video editing is required) and another for a Youth Hostel with tourist field experience.


April 10th- Final date for send candidates 

April 30th-Deadline to our National Agency. 

Application: A Europass CV in Spanish Language, a passport photo and the “Anexo 1” filled. You can download it from this website: http://www.aytoburgos.es/juventud/informacion/infoeuropa-joven/bases-para-la-seleccion-de-2-plazas-de-acogida-de-sve

You should send all these documents by e-mail indicating the name of the project “ EVS Burgos City Hall” to sve@aytoburgos.es.

They may contact volunteers for an interview via skype.




Publicado por europa en marzo 27, 2015