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H2020. Austria.

Title: “Federal Computing Centre of Austria (BRZ)”


Description of the project/Partner sought: The Federal Computing Centre of Austria (BRZ) is interested in finding a consortium working on the Horizon2020 call “Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of the combination of physical and cyber threats to the critical infrastructure ofEurope.” CIP-01-2016-2017

Federal Computing Centre of Austria (BRZ)

The BRZ is the market-leading eGovernment partner of the federal administration in Austria. With 1.200 employees the BRZ is in charge of 3.000 servers and is providing desktop services for more than 30.000 work stations throughout Austria with ICT-infrastructure. BRZ has successfully deployed more than 300 ICT-processes, including the ICT-services of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance. Overall, the BRZ supports more than 400 eGovernment applications that are used by five million users. The BRZ runs one of Austria's largest computing centres, its own parallel computing centre and ensures one of the most reliable infrastructures available. The Federal Computing Centre of Austria is also an internationally renowned cooperation partner and has been/is part of EU projects such as Cloud4Europe or FutureTrust, as well as LSPs (PEPPOL; STORK, eCODEX) and is member of EURITAS (European Association of Public IT service provider, www.euritas.eu). The BRZ is certified in ISO9001 and ISO27001.

BRZ and critical infrastructures

The non-functioning of (critical) technical infrastructures represents a risk for the functioning of society and the economy. The risks include the fields of physical or cyber threats. The call focuses on the analysis of counter-measures against threats for critical infrastructure and for its proactive protection. Technical solutions should also be tested. The critical infrastructures addressed in the call cover the following areas: water, energy, transport, communication, health and financial services. The BRZ can serve as a “practitioner"-partner participating in a submission in the area of financial services primarily for analysis, testing and piloting (of applications), and secondarily in (co-) development of advanced technical applications. As applications of critical ICT infrastructures are considered primarily the “Austrian Customs Applications” and secondarily applications in the field of “eID/IAM”, both operated in the BRZ. The EU expects from the projects concrete measures and solutions for the safeguarding of critical infrastructures. The role of the BRZ as "Practicioner" and "ICT expert" can be emphasized, as well as the specific European relevance of Customs Applications and eID (regarding the eIDAS regulation). The participation of the BRZ is made in consultation with the Austrian Ministry of Finance.



Federal Computing Centre of Austria

Hintere Zollamtsstraße 4

1030 Vienna / Austria



Mrs. Manoela Bodiroza (for formal requests)




Mr. Carl-Markus Piswanger (for technical requests)



Publicado por europa en julio 14, 2016