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H2020. Belgium.

Title: Looking for a technical solution for the recycling of of laminated glass/Windshields particularly the PVB

Description of the project: A Brussels based professional organization of glass recyclers is looking for a technical solution to allow for the recycling of laminated glass/Windshields, particularly the PVB (polyvinylbutyral) fraction. This demonstration could take place in the framework of Horizon 2020 projects.

Project objectives: More than 90% of the sorted glass is sold as product with a European End of Waste status. The organisation is therefore looking for a technical solution for its members to be able to recycle this PVB fraction.

Partner sought: The organization is looking for companies or universities with an expertise on materials in order to develop and demonstrate them with a technical agreement. Partners would be charge with the demonstration of this technical solution. A technical cooperation agreement could be foreseen with universities or companies operating the materials treatment.






Contact Person:

Barbara Andreani

Phone Number

+32 2 422 00 38

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Publicado por europa en febrero 6, 2018