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H2020-CLEAN SKY 2. Spain

Title: Spanish research institute seeks large companies in the field of production of plastic water tanks

Description of the Project:

A Spanish technological centre is preparing a project proposal for JTI-CS2-2019-CFP10-SYS-01-21: grey water container with reduced biofilm growth. The proposal will be based in the application of combined anti-stick/biocide coatings onto plastic materials which will prevent biofilm growth in plastic grey water containers. The sought partners should be large companies producing plastic containers.

Partner Sought: Large companies manufacturers of plastic components. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Water containers for waste water and plastic components for aeronautics / naval / train. - Task to be performed: Design and production of water container.

Deadline: 30/07/2019


GAIN - Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en julio 2, 2019