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H2020 – EU Green Deal. France

Title: Preventing and fighting extreme wildfires with the integration and demonstration of innovative means

Description of the Project: LEMTA is a laboratory at the University of Lorraine made up of 15 researchers and doctoral students whose activities are focused on fire safety from various points of view. They have 20 years of research experience and have carried out various projects funded by the French agencies and the European Commission

Partner Sought: LEMTA is setting up a consortium and is looking for partners with different profiles to present a proposal on the topic “Prevention and fight against extreme forest fires with the integration and demonstration of innovative means” of the EU Green Deal call.

Deadline: Non specified


Pascal Boulet

+33 (0)372 744 232


Anthony Colliln

+33 (0)372 744 229



Publicado por europa en julio 22, 2020