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H2020. France

Title: French company is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials for outdoor sport equipment

Description of the project: A large French company specialized in outdoor sport equipment is looking to extend their project portfolio in sustainable flexible waterproof materials through initiating new partnerships with academic or hi-tech partners. The company is focused on waterproof soft flexible material (not water repellent) with a very low environmental, such as biosourced fibbers, highly recyclable components, recycled materials, green waterproofing processes, etc. The scope of interest is not limited to fabric and can be extended to films, membranes and any other soft material suitable for waterproofing applications.

Partner sought: The partner searched should have an expertise with waterproof materials, with either alternative sources, innovative process, functionalisation, or improved end of life. The company is looking for academic or start-up company projects with a validated proof of concept in the laboratory. The product shouldn’t be marketed or licensed yet. Recently marketed product can be acceptable.

Deadline: Unspecified.


GAIN – Galactea Plus







Publicado por europa en mayo 8, 2018