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H2020. France

Title: Photovoltaics fabrication, power device, sensors.

Description of the Project:

A French university will act as a coordinator of a European project aimed at developing new approaches for the fabrication of power devices. The consortium has identified 2 relevant calls to implement this project : LC-SC3-RES-1-2019 and LC-NMNP-32-2019. Industrial partners active in semiconductor electronics/sensor/photovoltaic (PV) are sought to complete the consortium.

The objective of the PROXY consortium is to develop a solution addressing the issue of efficient energy conversion. The consortium will develop novel approaches for the fabrication of power devices/ PV cells / sensors via the adoption of a new and environmentally friendly electronics technology based on the emerging, cost effective and earth abundant element based wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor.

The consortium already includes academics and companies:

1. French University (Coordinator)

2. University , Germany

3. Institute - Spain

4. University - UK

5. University - Georgia

6. University, Finland

7. French SME- France

The partners already selected in the consortium are expert in raw material research, manufacturing of epiwafer, PV cells, power device, recycling, life cycle assesment, economic quantification.

Partner Sought:

SME interested in power device / sensors/ PV cells fabrication.

Deadline:  29/05/2019


GAIN - Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en diciembre 18, 2018