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H2020. Germany-Spain

Title: Audiovisual company is seeking for a technical partner with expertise in software development for robotic cameras.

Description of the project: A German-Spanish SME with extensive expertise in the audiovisual market is looking for a technical partner in order to collaborate in the development of a new product for the production of audiovisual events using robotic cameras. The German-Spanish company has conceived a product that will improve the way live directors work with productions using robotic cameras, making the whole process more efficient and precise. This will leave room for the live director to make more creative decisions, significantly improving the final result. The product envisaged is based on three different technologies: tactile interfaces, computer vision and robotic cameras. The partnership sought is a technical cooperation agreement.

Partner sought:  The project will be managed by the Spanish team with an agile-like methodology. This implies a high level of communication between the partners. The partner sought should be working in the audiovisual sector or have competences on robotic cameras and be willing to gain expertise/enter the audiovisual sector.

The partnership will have the characteristics of a technical cooperation agreement, and the sought partner should take care of one or many of the following tasks:

●          Developing a tactile interface.

●          Developing the protocol for communication with robotic cameras.

●          Developing the software responsible for analysing the data received from the above mentioned cameras.

Deadline: Unspecified.


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Publicado por europa en mayo 8, 2018