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H2020. Germany.

Title: “Industrial partner with strong interest in a "green" production route to caproic acid and formic acid sought for H2020 BIOTEC-05-2017”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Objective of the project is to develop two novel microbial platforms and highly integrated new processes to overcome the technical and economical limitations in the reuse of CO2 for biosynthesis of value-added chemicals. The advantages and technical feasibility of the microbes and processes will be demonstrated with high productivities of appealing large-volume chemical compounds, such as caproic acid, formic acid and 1,3-propanediol, at pilot scale under industrially relevant conditions. Life cycle assessment and economic assessment shall accompany the process development and prove viability and sustainability of the new processes.


A consortium of academic and industrial partners fromGermany,Belgium,France,SpainandDenmarkhas already successfully submitted a proposal for stage1. Inorder to strengthen exploitation perspectives especially for caproic acid and formic acid an additional industrial partner would be highly welcome to join on short term.


Call Budget: 48,000,000 EUR

EOI deadline: 03.04.2017

Call deadline: 04.05.2017


More: http://een.ec.europa.eu/tools/services/PRO/Profile/Detail/2de6fdd6-ce16-4325-a13c-9dc39c7e6d81?OrgaId=39e3ff78-051b-4469-823e-ca7d5685ce83



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Publicado por europa en marzo 29, 2017