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H2020. Germany

Title: H2020 / MSCA / Individual Fellowships: researcher (MD or PHD) in biomedicine / biotechnology with technical skills for the development of a mini mobile laboratory to perform toxicological testing of substances, chemicals, ingredients, etc. on site.

Description of the project: A small German precision engineering company seeks a researcher to be funded by HORIZON 2020 – MSCA / "Society and Enterprise Panel". The objective of the innovation project is to develop a mobile mini-laboratory for toxicology testing of biological substances, chemicals as well as ingredients of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals on human samples. Applicants must hold a MD or PhD in biomedicine / biotechnology and have technical skills related to device development and tool building.

Partner sought: A Researcher with an academic degree / university graduate / MD or PHD in the field of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, bioprocess engineering. Special technical expertise is not required, but interest in a new field of work coupled with a technical affinity is of great advantage. The interested researcher will apply her/his biotech expertise while working with technical equipment and devices, testing them and adjusting their properties and functions. Important is the ambition to build up a new business field with high potential for the researcher’s professional future.

Deadline: 30/06/2018


GAIN – Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en abril 11, 2018