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H2020. Germany

Title: A Berlin based non-profit foundation is looking for an application partner from the field of mobility, buildings or smart city for a third-party call (DigiFed)

Description of the project: The foundation (which is certified as an SME from the EC) maintains an open source distributed ledger technology, which supports secure, privacy preserving, decentralized data and value transfers. The purpose is to promote science, research and education, focusing on the further development of the technology. The foundation further enables companies, developers and others to build solutions leveraging the technology.

The foundation provides a protocol that can be used to transact data and value in a secure and privacy preserving manner and which can be used to digitalise existing things for a variety of use cases.

Partner sought: The application partner sought should be an SME from the field of mobility, buildings or smart city and should have interest in digitalising their existing capabilities.

The goal of the TWIN Application Experiment DigiFed project would be to develop new applications and business models based on the open source distributed ledger technology.

Deadline: 15/11/2020


GAIN – Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en octubre 5, 2020