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H2020. Greece.

Title:  topic CE-SC5-01-2018

Description of the project:

During the last years, non-thermal plasma has successfully been used for the remediation of highly contaminated soils and sediments . Moreover, non-thermal plasma technologies could be exploited for the decontamination of secondary materials, resulting from wastes, in recycling process. Emphasis will be placed on: (1) the decontamination of excavated soils and rocks and/or C&D waste aggregates reused in geotechnical applications; (2) the degradation of organic substances in recycled paperboard; (3) the improved separation process of brominated flame retardants (BFR)-containing plastics (HIPS/ABS/PVC) from other recycled plastics; (4) the removal of contaminants from thermoplastics (e.g. PET) recycled in packaging.  

 Type of partner sought

(1) Large manufacturers of relevant products (e.g. plastic-based components, PET packages, paper/paperboard) from relevant recycled raw materials

(2) Manufacturer (SME or industry) of construction materials from the reuse of C&D wastes (e.g. excavated soil and rock, bricks, asphalt, ceramics, wood, cement)

(3) Recyclers of relevant secondary raw materials

(4) SME or R&D standardization organization

(5) R&D organization or SME on the development of data-driven models

(6) R&D organization or SME on the assessment of toxicity/eco-toxicity of materials

 Technical expertise sought

(1) Collection, separation, and recycling of any of targeted secondary materials: (i) paperboard; (ii) WEEE plastics; (iii) packaging PET; (iv) excavated soil/rock and/or  C&D wastes

(2) Manufacturing of any of the following (recycled) materials: (a) paper; (b) polymers; (c) PET packages; (d) construction materials for geotechnical applications

(3) Development of data-driven models for complex physical-chemical processes

(4) Assessment of toxicity / eco-toxicity of substances contained in a variety of materials (e.g. plastics, paper, construction materials)

(5) Standardization of recycled / treated wastes as secondary raw materials



Juan Carlos García











Publicado por europa en febrero 15, 2018