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H2020 - Green Deal. France

Description of the project: A French coordinator is looking for targeted partners to respond to the call 5.1 "Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility ID: LC-GD-5-1-2020 "

The project will address an innovative and integrated concept and solutions for different sizes and types of ports, by performing large-scale system of systems demonstrator in maritime and inland ports with TRL 7.

Partner sought: It is currently looking for the following partners: 

  • Partner specialised in the quantification of the carbon footprint using data coming from the multimodal Hub, expected to evaluate the reduction of greenhouse gases in the confined port space. Main tasks in the project will include conducting a carbon footprint calculation study based on the data collected.
  • Partner specialised in the measurement and analysis of air and sound/noise quality expected to evaluate the improvement in the quality of air and sound/noise in the port. Main tasks will include putting in place a measurement and analysis system and conducting the analysis the of air and sound/noise quality.
  • Partner specialized in port standards expected to develop port safety standards. Main tasks will include the study of the port safety standards for the multimodal hub, recommendations and the development of the standards.

Deadline: Non specified


GAIN - Galactea Plus




Publicado por europa en noviembre 18, 2020