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H2020. Italy

Title: Developing innovative products in the field of advanced textile materials

Description of the Project:

An Italian company active in the textile industry offers its expertise to other SMEs, universities and R&D institutions with a view at developing advanced materials for multi-sectorial applications and/or innovative textile machinery. Its mission is to product innovative materials characterized by high fashion and functional content. For this reason, over the past years it has developed an outstanding innovative and technological power in the design of fashion fabrics and hi-tech materials. The company is interested in a research cooperation agreement with foreign partners in order to join a EU project consortium already established. The company is interested in joining a consortium with a view at submitting an EU project proposal to be funded under Horizon 2020 in the field of advanced textile materials. A technical cooperation agreement could also be suitable for technological development purposes.

Partner Sought:

SMEs, universities and R&D institutions.

Field of activity of the desired partner: fashion and textile industry (footware, apparel, accessories, etc.), development of advanced textile materials.

Deadline: 15/03/2020


GAIN - Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en abril 1, 2019