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H2020. Italy

Title: Rainfall monitoring system for hydrogeological emergencies

Description of the Project: An Italian SME, developing solutions for environmental monitoring, is looking for partners interested in H2020 call “Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services ». The idea is to prepare a proposal focused on harmonization/demonstration of low-impact and sustainable disruptive technologies and natural-based solutions aimed at fostering the resilience of the smart city with respect to environmental hazards.

To create an efficient partnership, several kinds of roles should be covered:

- municipalities and environmental agencies: both can represent the principal beneficiaries of the project results and can host the pilots;

- private technology providers and research institutions operating in the field of environmental resilience to climate issues;

- commercial partners: they can engage the developed system in pre-commercial procurement initiatives, public tenders or service provision calls in EU countries;

- local partners able to support technical activities necessary to provide and operate the system in EU countries.

Partner Sought: partners from the public sector (e.g. municipalities, environmental agencies, etc.) and then private technology providers and research institutions

Deadline: 04/03/2020


GAIN - Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en febrero 18, 2020