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H2020. Korea

Title:  EUROSTARS2: Project proposal to develop a complete platform for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)


A Korean SME specialized in developing a total solution for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) is preparing a project proposal under the EUROSTARS2 programme. The proposed R&D project aims to further develop and design an AMI solution which can be adapted to local conditions and could monitor pricing information of electricity in real-time.

Partner sought:

A company or institute with expertise and experience in developing electric energy systems is welcomed to join for collaboration.

Type of partner sought: Companies, public institutes

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Electric energy system operators, electricity suppliers(Distribution part)

- Task to be performed: technical cooperation with adaptation to specific needs



Contact :

GAIN – Galactea Plus



Publicado por europa en junio 5, 2018