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H2020. Lithuania.

Capital of Lithuania- Vilnius city, today is facing quite a few sustainable mobility problems that could be solved through EU projects and with the help of consortium's.

We are very interested in taking part in related projects and making most of it and doing something good for Vilnius city.

1. Traffic light priority for Public Transport at crossings;
2. Testing and application of different types of innovative bicycle paths pavements (for example non-freezing, light-reflecting, etc.);
3. Public education in regards to urban mobility, raising awareness of the issues related to the usage of private cars in the city, the importance of sustainable transport modes. Working with different kind of groups, for example schools, kindergartens etc.;
4. Smart and integrated e-ticketing system;
5. Multimodal travel, sharing economy (in relation to urban mobility);
6. Travel optimization and prediction;
7. Adapting current trolley-bus transformer stations for e-mobility;
8. ICT for people with disabilities;
9. Trip Planning - free / busy parking spaces display in real-time, statistics, the probability of finding a free parking space.
Project proposer: Gintare Krusinskaite (Lithuania)
Partner role: Project participant
Partner organisation: Public administration
Call for proposal title: N/A

Partnet sought:
Public administration


Gintare Krusinskaite


Publicado por europa en mayo 12, 2017