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H2020. Netherlands.

Title: NCP from Netherlands Social Challenge 5 partner search for topic CE-SC5-01-2018.

Description of the project: The project should result in a blueprint for an Extended Producer Responsibility-system for carpets wherein toxic substances do not impede recycling. This will be a preparatory phase for possible legislation.

Objectives: The project aims to make the product-system of carpets sustainable and identifies obstacles which impede the recycling of carpets. In various parts of the chains best practices will be identified and applied, from design for recycling during production to effective collection of end-of-life carpets and the processing of them when they need to be treated as waste. The

Partner sought: Since decisions in the production phase have a strong influence on the phase in which carpets become waste, an integrated approach is needed. Proper processing in the end-of-life-phase in turn enables the recovery and reuse of resources. Knowledge and experience in materials science is an important missing link amongst the current partners. Since innovation in materials can eliminate the need for toxic additives and thus increasing safety and recyclability of carpets, we are therefore looking for a partner who can contribute to materials innovation. We prefer an SME and/or University in Applied Sciences (Materials Engineering)


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Juan Carlos García juancarlos.garcia@cdti.es



Publicado por europa en febrero 19, 2018