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H2020. Spain.

Title: “The democracy crisis in Europe”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Our central question will be: How to guarantee the functioning of the institutions ofEurope's democratic nation states within in the context of the partial transmission of their sovereignty to the supra-national institutions of the European Union?

Partners from all Europe with expertise in political theory, law science and international relations are invited to join this survey on the future of Europe getting straight to the cause of the problem, which is manifesting itself in a multiple (institutional, financial, migratory and now even political) crisis of the European Union.

Description of the collaboration sought:

The project seeks to establish a Europe-wide collaboration to develop a normative framework for the European Union and the role of the nation states in it. As the main objective of our study the reconciliation of the cultural and national diversities of the continent, a theoretical expertise coming from different cultural backgrounds is essential for a successful solution of the problem.

It is sought to develop a network of researches from universities all overEuropein order to tackle the question of the democratic legitimacy of the European Union from different points of view, consideration all dimension of the impact on the integration process on the national democracies.



Peter Ehret

Universidad de Granada


Department of Law Philosophy

Plaza dela Universidad1


Tel: 958 041 947

E-mail: milo95@correo.ugr.es

Publicado por europa en febrero 14, 2017