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H2020. Spain

Title: Open innovation challenge: In search of technologies focused on prevention and treatment of football players’ injuries.

Description of the project: A world-famous football club in the Basque Country (Spain) is looking for a partner who can provide preventive and therapeutic technologies for football players' injuries. The partner has to provide a technology that allows the medical team to visualize the status of each player in relation to the different injury risk factors as a routine prior to the start of every working session. The idea is to establish preventive strategies in order to modify the relevant risk factors.

Partner sought: SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs, technology centres or universities that can provide the requested technologies in a partial or total resolution of the described challenge. The possible areas of knowledge involved: sports medicine and physiotherapy, biology, big data, IOT, bioengineering, machine, learning, neural network, multivariate analysis, AI.

Deadline: 13/04/2018



GAIN – Galactea Plus










Publicado por europa en marzo 14, 2018