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H2020. UK

Title: H2020 UK

Description of the Project:

UK start-up developing a decentralised social platform that allows users to turn their "social currency" (i.e., popularity, "Likes" etc) into actual, tradable cryptocurrency. This is achieved by aligning a decentralised social platform with blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence), merging into a single Web 3.0 platform. Partners with experience in UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience), AI and blockchain to integrate platforms are sought for an Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 Application

Partner Sought:              

 The start-up is looking for partners with expertise in UI/UX(User Interface/User Experience Design),  AI (Artificial Inteligence)  and blockchain to integrate these systems with their core tech. These can be both industrial partners as well as academic or research institutes, or commercial enterprises (such as offline and online retailers, media and other communications companies) that are keen to get in early on a system designed to promote highly-targeted, secure and democratic B2C and C2C VRM (vendor relationship management) and CRM  (customer relationship management) interactions in a decentralised environment of safety and trust. Partnerships could then be continued into the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)  phase and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) rollout.

Deadline: 30/11/2018

Contact: GAIN - Galactea Plus


Publicado por europa en septiembre 19, 2018