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H2020. Ukraine.

Title: “The development of the converter sea waves energy”.

Description of the project: “Wave energy converters”, an organisation from Ukraine, is looking for partners interested in developing sea wave energy converters.

Also, they would like to create desalinators, pumps and compressors driven by the energy of sea waves in order to work units in the expanded from 0.5 mto 6 mrange of wave heights. They aim to develop a device without limitation the height of waves, only the output power limit.

Partner sought: Partners from France, Ireland, Spain and United Kingdom with expertise in the field of wave energy conversion.


Seawind Anatolii Lobov

Adress: Budkevicha 54, 24400 Bershad, Vinnitca, Ukraine.

Web site: http://freescience.ucoz.net/



Publicado por europa en marzo 1, 2016