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H2020. United Kingdom

Title: Interreg - DeepVis: Visualization of deep learning neural network to support the utilisation of artificial intelligence by SMEs.

Description of the project: A University in the East of England has developed visualization tools that allow less technical SMEs implement modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning tools (DL) for higher productivity and competitiveness.

Partner sought: A number of partners are required to complete the proposal consortium, especially from:

  • SME associations from all North-West Europe region countries (United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and parts of France, Germany and the Netherlands).
  • SMEs with data analytics as core business.
  • Policy makers for economic development and SMEs from all North-West Europe region countries.
  • DL/AI developers from all North-West Europe region countries to co-develop the tool.

Deadline: 26/04/2018



GAIN – Galactea Plus










Publicado por europa en marzo 14, 2018