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H2020. United Kingdom

Title: UK-based SME and UK-based university seek partners for proposal to H2020: LC-SC3-NZE-1-2018 Advanced CO2 capture technologies.

Description of the project: A UK-based SME and UK-based university have developed a novel carbon capture and storage process. They are looking to develop the concept to demonstrator / pilot stage and are submitting a proposal to the LC-SC3-NZE-1-2018: Advanced CO2 capture technologies call topic in Horizon 2020. They are looking for consortium partners with expertise in industrial refrigeration, mechanical handling and process control design and implementation under a research cooperation agreement.

Partner sought:  The UK SME and UK university are looking for partners, either industrial or academic, in order to do the following within the project under a research cooperation agreement:

1. Refrigeration systems - the partner must provide support for the design development and supply of an unusual refrigeration system. It has a cold temperature of around 150K with heat rejection partly at 200K and partly at above ambient. The UK SME and university have created and modelled a conceptual design which needs scaling up to pilot scale with potential application at multi-MW compressor power.

2. Mechanical handling - the process uses a moving bed of mm scale steel beads whose movement needs to be controlled and vertical circulation maintained with temperatures around the process ranging from 150K to 370K. The partner must be able to provide mechanical handling design expertise and equipment supply for a pilot project at around 1 tonne / hour with potential application at over 1000 tonnes / hour.

3. Process control design and implementation - the partner should have experience of process engineering projects, preferable in the energy sector and be able to integrate the operation of the technologies together to ensure the solution works at scale with no loss of efficiency.

Deadline: 31/07/2018


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