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H2020. United Kingdom

Title:  H2020 DT-FOF-08-2019 – Development of pilot lines for modular factories in automotive, naval and defence sectors.

Description of the Project:

A UK University based in the Midlands who already has partners from the UK, France, Portugal and Russia is now seeking industrial partners for the Horizon 2020 call DT-FOF-08-2019 to demonstrate the developed modular systems and their advantages of modularity in production lines and their impact in configuration time, production costs, and resource efficiency. The project aims at developing modular production systems for industrial sectors that can be adapted to individual use-cases as are necessary. This would allow creating efficient, highly adaptable production lines.  

Partner Sought:

Industrial partners in Automotive, Navel and Defence sectors. Production management systems expert, expert in safety of modular process units, process technologies experts. 

Deadline: 21/12/2018


GAIN - Galactea Plus




Publicado por europa en noviembre 19, 2018