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Health. Portugal.

Health. Portugal.

Title: “Porto4Ageing”

Description of the project/Partner sought: Porto4Ageing consortium brings together over 80 organisations, the large majority of them being established within the Porto Metropolitan Area, within the Norte Region ofPortugal. The partnership is built upon the quadruple helix approach – it involves different stakeholders (regional governments and health and care providers, academia and research, industry and civil society) that are in good position to drive structural changes far beyond the scope any one organization could achieve on its own and to innovate and experiment in real world settings. Despite the different backgrounds, goals and actions, Porto4Ageing is built upon a shared vision and common targets, where each organisation contributes actively in a specific way to the overall goal of responding better to the citizens' needs, specifically in matters related to active and health ageing in the Porto Region.

By involving a broad number of institutions, the Porto4Ageing alliance is committed to promoting local convergence and improving the health innovation ecosystem, while reducing and overcoming existing bottlenecks. It will do so by promotiong joint work for high impact, thus bridging the gap between public and private actions and instruments and, ultimately, facilitating knowledge exchanges and results’ scaling up.




Publicado por europa en septiembre 7, 2016