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HORIZON 2020. Italy.


Description of the project: EXO Ricerca is an Italian non-profit Research Organisation founded with the aim to carry out research and development and to disseminate their results thorugh teaching, publication and technology transfer From several years Exo is working in partnership with public administrations, Certification Authorities and Identity providers in Cybersecurity.

Concerning cybersecurity EXO has realised a research project to prototype a model of “Federated Identity management” (http://www.exo-ricerca.it/en/web/exo/imcoop). We had been contracted by an important European Certification, Attribute Authority and IDP.

Currently this organisation is still working with the same European Certification Authority and with an important Italian Regional Government to prototype a Digital Identity Model. The model we are working on must respect the public specifications SPID (http://www.agid.gov.it/identita-digitali/spid). They are also working in other fields concerning security an critical infrastructures protection.

They would be eager to join a consortium for the following topics:

  • DS-3-2015: The role of ICT in Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • DS-4-2015: Information driven Cyber Security Management
  • DS-5-2015: Trust eServices 

Partner sought: Anyone interested in joining efforts to work on a proposal under the aforementioned call. 


Dott. Francesco Abenante | Project Manager | 
Via del Gallitello 116/i 
5100 Potenza Italy
Tel/Fax  +39 0971 445791 
Cell     +39 3807960819
Skype    frabenante  


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