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Horizon2020. Italy.


Title: “How to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic?”

Description of the project/Partner sought: We have developed a project proposal to counter the phenomenon of Obesity childhood and the decrease of cardiovascular diseases derived from poor eating habits and the lack of participation in basic motor activities. The project evaluates the opportunity to join the fight and contrast to childhood obesity through the integration of knowledge and perception and cognition of its food needs before and after an athlete's physical activity.

The idea is to develop high-tech tools for real-time monitoring of molecular values of the young athlete during intense sports nutrition program.

We are identifying partners with high technological skills in the following areas:

• Biotechnology and Food Engineering expertise in Research Agro-Biological(public or private, small, medium or large enterprises, cluster Organizations or business network, Public Authorities national/regional, research centers and centers of excellence;

• University orHealthClinicCenterspecialized in Obesity Childhood;

Currently we are setting our consortium of the EU countries and Extra EU third partners leaders in the following areas:

-         Software Solutions for Virtual Events / Conferences in 3D mode

-         Data Mining

-         Bio Medical Engineering Telecommunications

-         Biotechnology and Food Engineering

-         Bio Engineering and Nanotechnology for Microchip development

-         Research Centre in Neurogenesis

-         Research Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology

-         Virtual Game Development Platform environment Augmented Reality experience with Bio-engineering


-         Experience in H2020 projects in the E-Health

-         Extensive experience in the medical industry Business Plan

-         Northern Europe Partner and Extra EU (we are looking for US /Australia/)

-         Brief description of WPs that meet the matching between skills acquired and topic of the project proposal.





Publicado por europa en noviembre 2, 2016