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Innovation and research. France

Innovation and research. France



GEOLSemantics is an SME specializing in automatic semantic extraction from texts (or transcribed speech) in different languages (French, English, Arabic (standard and dialects from the Maghreb and Egypt) and Chinese (Mandarin).

The technology developed by GEOLSemantics consists of deep general-purpose morphosyntactic analysis that identifies concepts, recognizes and characterizes named entities, identifies passive and active forms, recognizes verb tenses, modalities and negation, and finds referents of pronouns.


GEOLSemantics has good knowledge of the jihadist literature and is highly skilled in the extraction of knowledge from it. Terrorists use western languages in non-Arabic speaking countries where muslim   populations may have a poor knowledge of standard Arabic. When they use Arabic, it is more dialect-oriented Arabic. Latin characters are often employed due to complications arising from the diglossic nature of Arabic as well as technical reasons related to computerization. Written Arabic is most often the standard, educated form of the language, whilst dialect is predominately confined to speech.   GEOLSemantics' unique multilingual capabilities and experience in dialect and latinized Arabic writing will be significant contributions to a successful outcome for the project.  GEOLSemantics will bring to the consortium deep experience in semantic analysis in the specific target domain as well as resources and tools developed in the different projects that have been carried out with real users fighting terrorism in the field.



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Léa LANAUD: Lea.LANAUD@systematic-paris-region.org

Publicado por europa en enero 16, 2015