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Innovation. Belgium


Improving safety and convenience of liquid tabs (Pods) packaging


Description of the Project:                        

A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for innovative new ways to improve the safety, child-proofing (0-5 years) capabilities liquid tabs (Pods) packaging. These solutions have to be at affordable costs and can come from different technology domains. Licence or technical cooperation agreements are sought with industrial partners or  technology providers.

Focus areas are:

o Pack Solutions that children (0-5 years) cannot open.  For reference, it must also pass the industry standard “Child Resistant Closure (CRC) protocol” which allows children (5 years and under) to try for 10 minutes – 5 mins unaided and 5 mins after having been shown “how (BS EN ISO 8317 EU protocol).

o             Ensure pack consistently closes after use. Aid adults in keeping the packs closed at all times – both during the washing time when the pack may be left out and when it is returned to its normal place of storage.  Solution should be CRC compliant, be “easy enough to open and extremely easy to close”, “motivate/ alert user with some sort of cue”, “do the job for user” or “force user to do it” (self-closing pack for instance, or any other solutions).

Partner Sought: Type of Partner sought: SMEs or industry, inventors, designers, vendors and technology providers

Area of expertise : smart packaging (enabling) technology; smart package design concepts; sensor enabled devices (eye, voice, etc.); IoT sensors; self-closing solutions; baby safety enabling technologies; medical/ pharma packaging;  refillable dispensers;        Printing / 3D Printing

Role of Partner Sought: collaborate with the large account for technical collaboration or provide the technical solution sought under licence agreeement


Deadline: Non specified


GAIN - Galactea Plus




Publicado por europa en octubre 10, 2018